NeuroBalance training

Transform your workspace with our 4-week program to combat chronic stress and prevent employee burnout, based on cutting-edge neurobiology research.
Stress and burnout are serious problems 
for businesses increasing turnover by with 260% more likely to quit and reducing productivity by 13%.
While stress is a given in any work environment, temporary fixes like vacations or short-term workload reductions do not offer sustainable solutions.

To address employee burnout effectively, 
a systematic approach is essential.

The key to long-term improvement lies in empowering employees with effective stress management tools grounded in modern psychology and neuroscience.

Stress management tool and a training, developed in Neurointegration Institute (California, USA).


All the instruments and techniques offered in the training are based on the cutting-edge neuroscience research and have proved their effectiveness on 5000+ participants.
Optimal state, when our brain functions most efficiently and harmoniously.
It includes turquoise, green, and yellow states. In the integration zone, we think clearly and make effective decisions thanks to the active engagement of the prefrontal cortex.
integration zone
When we face a prolonged stress exposure, 
we enter the distress zone.
In the short term, stress is not a problem. However, if the stress persists without effective recovery, the nervous system becomes hypersensitive, causing agitation and overwhelm of the distress zone.
distress zone
After several weeks in distress zone, our nervous system starts shutting down and we enter burnout zone.
burnout zone
In this zone, we lose mental energy, motivation, and the ability to think clearly, make decisions, and act.

In this state employees are 260% more likely to quit their jobs.

NeuroBalance training will help your employees to spend 35% more time within the Integration Zone*

*based on the results of diagnostic tests of 963 participants of our programs

SANE Framework


A step-by-step algorithm to assess one's NeuroBalance state and monitor their response to stress.
A set of scientifically-proven neuropractices to reduce the intensity of the response during moments of stress.


As part of the training, your employees will learn and implement SANE Framework that will help them stay in the Integration Zone even in stressful situations.


A set of practices that ensure a dynamic balance of the entire stress system to build resilience to stress by calibrating their HPA.
Neuropractices that help to reduce cortisol levels and the sensitivity of the nervous system, thereby preventing burnout.


Pre-training Week + Three Weeks of Practice

Pre-training assessment

At the beginning of the program, we conduct a series of diagnostic tests, assessing the employees' state, burnout risk, and stress levels. We use a combination of widely recognized clinical tests and our own assessments.

Learning the framework

In the first week, participants gain access to an interactive platform with video lessons that lay the foundation for further practice. All the material is grouped into 5 modules, each lasting 40−60 minutes. Each block is divided into mini-lessons accompanied by mini-tests and mindmaps.

Planning the Sprint at Workshop

At the end of the first week, participants are divided into groups of up to 25 individuals. Each group is assigned a certified neurointegration coach. During a 90-minute workshop, participants develop an implementation plan for the tools they’ve learned, which they will practice over a 3-week sprint period.

Three-Week Sprint with a Coach

Each week the participants receive a new set of neuropractices with audio guides for the gradual integration of NeuroBalance tools into their lives (practices take up to 10 minutes per day).The assigned coach conducts group sessions to monitor progress, address questions, and provide support.

Post-training assessment

At the end of the program, participants complete another series of tests to evaluate their progress. We provide an aggregated report for all participants, while maintaining the anonymity of individual results. This report illustrates the team’s overall improvements throughout the program.


Practical work is conducted under the guidance of an experienced certified neurointegration coach (the certification program is accredited by the International Coaching Federation).

The Results

+56 hours of productive 
time per month
On average, the employees began to spend 35% more time in the 'integration zone' (a state of mind when we are calm, engaged, motivated, and capable of making decisions and thinking logically). This translates to an additional 56 hours of productive time every month.
showed signs of burnout
showed improvements
in their well-being in four weeks
Our program demonstrated improvements in mental health metrics based on globally recognized clinical tests (PHQ-8, GAD-7) in 84% of participants in just 4 weeks.
Our research involving 963 participants revealed that 81% of employees show signs of burnout.

These figures closely align with those obtained by Deloitte (77%) and the American Psychological Association (79%).
of participants improved key markers of mental well-being over the four weeks
of the participants showed signs of burnout at the start of the program.
The Value of results we deliver
Cost of burnout-related turnover
$ 8200/ year*
67% of employees experience burnout [Gallup]
68% of employees experiencing burnout resolve the issue by quitting [Hays]
30% of the annual salary — the cost of replacing an employee [Work Institute]"
Cost of productivity loss — $ 8335/year*
49% of employees had suboptimal NeuroBalance scores at the start
81% of them improved their metrics within 4 weeks of the program
35% increase in the time spent in the integration zone (= 56 hours of productive time per month)
Based on average annual salary 
of $60,000
~27% of annual salary

What’s Included in the Program

Mindmaps with key takeaways
Three weeks of practice with a certified coach
Weekly Progress Sessions
Audio Guides for Practices
Participant Workbook
Sprint Planning Workshop
One week of NeuroBalance Fundamental Training
Diagnostics (pre and post-training)
Submit application
Group of up to 25 people
Discount of up to 25% for multiple groups
Certificate of Attendance for Each Participant
Aggregated Progress Report
Personalized coaching format available for leaders
In the last 10 years, we have learned more about the brain than in all of human history. It is today, however, that we are facing more stress, burnout, and mental disorders than ever before. We have a framework to change it.
Institute of Neurointegration (Neurointegration Institute) was founded in 2021 in California, USA.

Neurointegration Institute

Neurointegration method is based on cutting-edge brain research.

Manage stress, overcome self-sabotage and unlock your full potential.
500+ coaches have been certified through our Trainer Certification Program. In 2023 the program got recognised and acrediited by the International Coaching Federation (ICF).

We’ve worked with over 5000 individuals from 40+ countries, including Fortune 500 employees, who have transformed 
their lives through our programs.

Our founder

By the age of 23 Katerina sold her space tech startup and became the youngest executive in the world aerospace industry.

After severe burnout she turned her interest from launching satellites to studying human brain.

Katerina’s background includes graduate level studies in social innovation and interpersonal neurobiology from Mindsight Institute in addition to Computer Science, and MBA from MIT and Harvard Business School.

Katerina Lengold is a former space tech entrepreneur turned brain researcher and mental health advocate.

Our mission is to give this key to everyone.

The key to a fulfilling life is in your hands.